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BBS Stuff
  • Funky Wall - Final Version 1.0 now released. I wanted to try and write some bbs stuff again and when I upgraded to windows NT my old graffiti wall slowed down REALLY badly. So I whipped this together. User definable colors in this release! Yea, a new cheesy freeware oneliner door for you to use! Released *** FREEWARE ***: (06/13/03).

  • TLM Random - Version 1.00. This is a random bulletin viewer. I made it so that I could display one random door game score file when the user logs on the bbs. I know there's other utilities out there, but I made this one so all you have to do is edit a .cfg file. Then add a line of where the file is you want to display. It will automatically be added to its "database" :). Released *** FREEWARE ***: (06/03/03). There isn't much to the screen shot, just a random bulletin getting displayed by it, but hey, there's not much to the program either.
  • Power Images - This is a WinBolo map I made. The map is based on Corporate Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I think the maps are interchangeable with the MAC version of Bolo, but I'm not sure. There are refill stations inside Power Images, but watch out for the Pills at the Cafe' . You will probably have to do a right-click save-as to get the file.
Pascal Stuff
  • Kulak - This is a PC port of a D&D game I made for the TI-85 in 1995. You can download and play this game, full version, freeware, includes source. The source is sloppy, but if you are just starting out in programming it is a fully commented tutorial in the code. Stars The Lizard Master, Pickle Goddess, Monkey Boy, And Eli the Llama.